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Along with your bonus money you’ll also receive a tournament seat that allows you to play in one of our weekly ‘Welcome Freeroll’ tournaments that features a $500 prize pool. These are FREE to enter and only available to brand new members who have made a real money deposit. These Welcome Freeroll tournaments run every Wednesday at 10:30pm ET and can be found under the PRIVATE tab in the tournament lobby.
To redeem your tournament seat, go to the PRIVATE tab before the tournament start time. Double click on the “Welcome Freeroll” and click register.

Gold Chip Giveaway Tournaments

Have you been playing and accumulating Gold Chips? Here’s a great way to convert your Gold Chips into instant cash. PlayersOnly Poker runs the following daily, weekly and monthly giveaway tournaments that only accept Gold Chips for entry. Enter one today!

  • Daily Gold Chip Satellites
  • Weekly Gold Chip $3,000.00 Giveaway
    • Tournament Prize Pool = $5,000.00
    • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of each month (Start times vary)
    • Tournament Buy-in = 15 Gold Chips or 5 Gold Chip R&A
  • Monthly Gold Chip $10,000.00 Giveaway
    • Prize Pool = $15,000.00
    • Poker tournament plays on the first Saturday of each month at 4:30pm ET
    • Buy-in = 50 Gold Chips or 20 Gold Chip R&A

PlayersOnly Poker Tournament Variations

PlayersOnly Poker offers a vast pool of poker tournament variations. Here are details of a few variations of poker tournaments offered:


If more than one table is needed to accommodate the number of registered players in a tournament, it is known as a multi-table tournament. During a Multi-table tournament, as players are eliminated, players will be moved randomly from one table to another in order to keep the number of players at each table as balanced as possible.

Bounty Tournaments

In poker, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as busting another player out of a tournament. PlayersOnly Poker offers Bounty tournaments where each player has a cash bounty placed upon their head. Bust a player out of the tournament and the cash is yours! These unique tournaments place 50% of the tournament buy-in into the main prize pool, while the other half is put into a bounty prize pool. These tournaments will have the word Bounty in their name.

Kamikaze Tournaments

If you’re looking for action then you’ve come to the right place. Kamikaze tournaments force you to go All-In each hand until only one player remains standing. The action is fast and furious so don’t blink. These tournaments exist in both single table and multi table tournament formats. The payout structure varies slightly from the standard tournament payouts so be sure to check out the tournament lobby for full details.


A Shoot-out tournament consists of a limited number of players competing on different tables. In the opening round, players compete until there is one player left at each table with all the chips. In the second round, the winners from round 1 are then combined at other tables and they again play until there is one player left with all the chips. A Shoot-out tournament can have between two (Heads-up) to ten players on each table competing over 1 or more rounds. The number of rounds and players per table varies and can be found in the tournament lobby.

Sit & Go

Sit & Go tournaments are events that do not have a scheduled start time. They start when the needed number of registered players is reached. When the prearranged number of competitors is reached each participant is notified that the tournament is about to start. Example: A No Limit Hold’em one table Sit & Go tournament will start as soon as ten players are registered.

Lightning Tournaments

Short on time or just looking for a quick game of poker? The Lightning Sit’n Go tournaments are perfect for you. The rules are the same as any other sit’n go. The only difference, the first round has blinds of 5/10 and an ante of 250. Since you only start with 1,000 chips to start the tournament, you might not have time to wait for those Aces, then again – neither will your opposition.


When a contest is between 2 players only, it is referred to as Heads-up. Heads-up Shoot-out tournaments are a good way to improve your winning game, as you will end up facing one opponent most of the time to win any tournament. The rules are the same with Heads-up play, as the player with the “dealer button” posts the small blind and will act first pre-flop then last for the remainder of the hand. The player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

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