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he Merge Gaming Network
The Merge Network of Poker Rooms emerged in February 2007, shortly after the 2007 Aussie Millions. At this time, poker.com (the then flagship poker room of this network’s history) reorganized itself as a poker portal providing poker commentary and links to other online poker rooms, such as FullTilt Poker. It was at this time that Carbon Poker emerged as the flagship of the Merge Gaming Network in what was seemingly a rebranding of the Poker.com online card room. However, I do not believe this to be the case.

What Online Poker Rooms belong to the Merge Poker Network?
I’ll get more into detail with who all belongs to the Merge Gaming Network shortly. The Online Poker Circuit’s main list of Merge Gaming Network online poker rooms are as follows:

visit Carbon Poker
visit Big Bet Poker
visit PDCPoker
visit Aced.com
I’m a player residing in the USA, can I play there?
The Merge Network has not cut the American marketplace out of the equation. US Citizens are welcome on the Merge Platform. Regardless of where you live, you may first wish to review your federal, state, and local laws to decide for yourself whether or not playing poker online – a skill-based competition with elements of chance involved – is legal in your specific jurisdiction.

How can I deposit on the Merge Network?
The minimum deposit amount within the Merge Network is $10. The Merge Network offers a wide variety of payment options including:

Secure eCheck
Pay Safe Card
I should point out that each individual skin or poker room housed on the Merge Network processes their own transactions. As a result, deposit options may vary Merge Room to Merge room.

How do I withdrawal Money from Merge?
Withdrawals from your player account on one of the Merge Network skins is generally processed within 72 hours of request. From my experience, this occurs much faster though. Additionally, with some of the skins, you’re able to apply for immediate cashout privileges, where your money instantaneously transacts. The minimum cashout on the network is $25, though once again – policies vary poker site to merge poker site, so you will want to check each individual skin for confirmation on this matter. I will do my best to list these details on my individual Merge Poker Room reviews.

What sets the Merge Network apart from the rest of the Online Poker World?
Is Merge Gaming a follower, or is Merge’s Poker Network an innovator you ask? It is my belief, without question that the Merge Network is one of the most flexible, innovative poker networks in the world of poker on the web today. From their innovative software features, which include the ability to rabbit hunt, to exposing 1 card the software look and feel is of superior quality. Additionally, Merges’ software allows one to either show their accolades or not, and to display smiley faces, or emoticons to communicate, taunt, or even sympathize with your fellow poker players.

Additionally, Merges’ marketing strategy has adapted greatly over the course of the last few years. In the early stages, Merge was rather unsuccessful at attracting the higher stakes online poker player. Adjusting their focus, and their flexible overall marketing strategy Merge will soon be a bigtime player in the High Stakes Poker arena. Attempts as a network to entice the high stakes player include the introduction of the Bad Beat Jackpot, the spread of poker variations, the offering of various skill games such as Euchre and Backgammon, as well as other casino games of chance such as Blackjack.

Furthermore, Merge has an increasingly attractive poker tournament spread they offer as a network. Recently, Merge bagan offering bounty tournaments, and have stepped up the occurrence of Guaranteed prize pool tournaments – all this done with the intent of attracting the heavy hitters in the online poker community. Merge has also paved the way for affiliates to offer attractive rakeback programs, as well as other neat VIP type items for their player’s as rewards for their business. Merge is definitely innovative, flexible, and well respected by me in the online poker realm.

Bottom line me… Do you trust them?
It makes most sense to take a top down approach when assigning trust. I ask myself, do I trust the online poker industry. As a whole, I have to answer yes, despite some bad eggs (Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, CheckNRaise, CardSpike – to name a few).

I then question, as a network do I trust the Merge Network? I put my full trust in Merge Gaming. From meeting the higher ups personally, to my dealings with them, and from seeing them deal with others… in Merge I trust – as an online poker network.

As for each of the individual rooms within Merge, well – you’ll have to read my reviews of select Merge Network Poker Rooms to find that out, I guess… Speaking of individual poker rooms, feel free to visit any of the following Merge Poker Rooms:

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